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From Greek mythology. Achilles, son of the sea nymph Thetis and the mortal Peleus, was the leading warrior of the Greek army attacking Troy. In the Iliad, Homer relates how he withdrew from the siege as a result of a slight to his honour, until his lover Patroclus was killed wearing his armour, whereupon he rejoined the fray in order to avenge him. The Greek form of his name is Akhilleus, and is of unknown, possibly pre-Greek, origin; it may be connected with that of the River Akheloös. The name has been used only rarely in the English-speaking world, usually as a result of recent Continental influence. Although there were various minor early saints so named, it has normally been chosen by parents who wished to take advantage of the licence given by the Catholic Church to select names borne by classical heroes as well as those of saints.
Derivatives: French: Achille. Italian: Achilleo. Spanish: Aquiles.

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